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Understanding PHP Web Hosting and the Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting has always been complex. However, modern hosting options have complicated things even further. In particular, it can be difficult to understand shared hosting options and the processes which run within them. A good example can be found with PHP Web hosting. The simplest example of this in action is a standard dedicated server. This is one computer which runs a PHP interpreter. The interpreter listens for a call from an outsider user, creates a process, communicates with the local database, and then sends out the results to the Web server on the machine. This is a fairly large amount of communication between processes. However, shared servers can further complicate the situation.

On a shared server, this is all still taking place. However, the server itself is a computer program rather than a dedicated piece of hardware. Each of these visualized instances within the larger hardware is also running the vast amount of services which come from loading a page that uses PHP. And this is where one can see the benefits and issues which come from the different hosting options.

With a shared server, the most immediate benefit comes down to cost. Use of a dedicated server means that one needs to pay for the entire machine. Whether one is paying a monthly fee, or purchasing the machine, it’s going to come out to a larger amount of money. Of course this is also where the benefit of dedicated hosting comes in.

Shared hosting comes at a lower price, however it’s also sharing resources. Even light use of resources can become significant when repeated. And with PHP processes on a shared server, this growth occurs on an exponential basis. Multiple PHP based services running on a shared server can ramp up to some rather intimidating levels.

The other aspect of shared services which needs to be considered is the single machine it’s running on. Multiple shared servers running on the hardware can build up resource usage on the service which creates the virtualization. This heavy use can end up crashing the virtualization. In turn, this means there’s always a possibility that one virtualized server running on a shared host can take down every other shared server within it.

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The Programming Industry In Seattle

With everything from tech start-ups to major video game companies, the programming industry in Seattle is as robust as it is diverse. In the past decade,

Seattle’s tech market has grown tremendously, making it one of the best places for those interested in developing a career in programming or related fields. As the

cost of starting tech-based businesses becomes more expensive to the south, many companies are moving towards Seattle to improve their bottom line — creating more

opportunities for employees in the industry.

For those looking to break into the programming industry, there are numerous university programs, community college programs and programming boot camps available.

In particular, programming boot camps have become very popular, as they offer accelerated learning with the goal of being proficient in programming in a certain

language. The programming industry is notoriously skill-based, and those who do not have degree experience may not find themselves substantially hindered; many

programming jobs instead ask for a portfolio of work, code samples, trial projects and experience in lieu of academic credentials.

Seattle has become a base of operations for many tech firms due to its comparatively low costs for a major city, especially when compared to many of the tech

centers in California. Easy access to a CenturyLink in Seattle and

reasonable real estate costs also contribute to the booming tech market. However, though the Seattle tech market is significant and growing, it’s still not

quite as competitive as many other tech-focused markets, such as the Bay Area. This can make the Seattle market even more appealing for those who are either just

entering into the industry or simply don’t want to enter into an overly saturated market.

Due to the Seattle tech market’s focus on games and casual programming, programmers interested in moving to Seattle may want to focus on developing for iOS,

Android and other mobile platforms. Mobile games and apps are becoming popular throughout the programming community and use a specific skill set.

The programming industry in Seattle is presently very strong and growing, especially in the areas of super computing and casual video game development. Apart

from programming, computer hardware and biotechnology are both popular pursuits in the Seattle region. A few of the popular tech companies based in Seattle are

Cray Inc., EMC Isilon, Aranet, PopCap and BigFishGames.

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A comprehensive Soundcloud App Review

The Soundcloud App is an innovative mobile phone application that allows Soundcloud users to listen to their favorite audio tracks on the go. The app has a number of great features, but most importantly, it allows users to listen to their favorite sounds. Users can create their own personal collections, playlists, follow trending artists and discover new podcasts regardless of where they are.

Features of the Soundcloud App

The Soundcloud app comes with a number of great features all of which have done so well to offer users a great experience. The following are some of the main features that of this versatile the app:

· Update on New Releases: The app has a great feature that will update users once their favorite artist releases a new song.

· Private Playlist: The Soundcloud app allows you to create a collection of favorite songs and stash them into your private playlist.

· Playlist Tags: The Soundcloud app also allows users to tag friends into their playlist sharing their favorite songs with friends around the world.

· Great Performance: Finally, it is important to note that the Soundcloud app has outstanding performance with shorter load times and instant buffering. It’s just the perfect app to stream your favorite songs at all times.

The Pros

The Soundcloud app has a broad diversity of benefits. These include:

· User-Friendly Interface: The app has been designed with a simple and user friendly interface making it easy to use at all times.

· Great Streaming: The Soundcloud app has also demonstrated great superiority in streaming with instant buffering and shorter load time. This way, users can be able to check out new sounds regardless of where they are.

· Amazing Customization: The app is also a perfect addition to help users listen to custom music in line with their preferences.

The Cons

· One of the biggest cons about the Soundcloud app is the update. To be fair, they haven’t been as exciting as most people would have preferred.

Bottom Line

The Soundcloud app allows users to streamline their favorite songs easily. The App has great features and is a perfect addition for people who want to enjoy new and quality sounds on the go at all times.

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Today, we’d like to make an introduction for the people who are starting or have plans of engaging with ASP programming. So, what is ASP? Acronym ASP stands for “Active Server Pages”.

So, to begin with the A: active. In the early days of web pages, we had what is called static pages, and that means that every time any different person visits the page they would get the same content. And with the need of active pages that would change depending on the user viewing them came ASP. Why would you need it, you ask? Well, if you wanted to manipulate the list you were viewing based on some parameter – you couldn’t do it. If you wanted to create a page with a shopping cart on it – you couldn’t do it. See where we’re going with it?

What ASP and other services like it provided is the communication between the server and the user in a way that user’s activity would interact with data on the server and he would get the feedback he needed, based on different criteria. Web pages with ASP are not so different than regular HTML pages. ASP is also script language, which means that all we have to do is write some text and that enables server to change the appearance of the web page the user sees.

For example – of you wanted to show what day is it on your page, with HTML alone you couldn’t have done it. But with simple command brought by ASP you could write the page that will ask the server what day is it and from there, pull that data on your page without you having to do a thing.

So what do you need to get started in ASP programming?

To begin with, basic knowledge of Windows operating system is a must, since this is the surrounding you will be using all the time. The more you know – the better. Also, you need to have understanding of HTML and it”s basic commands (like word formatting, what header and footer are, etc.). You don’t need to be HTML guru, but understanding how it works is essential.

Now, it’s not necessary at the very beginning, but knowing the basics of Visual Basic and Microsoft Access, will also help, and if you plan on some serious work, you should know it. You should also know how to operate in some web editor. If you are a beginner, you may choose one that best soothes you or simply use Microsoft’s Notepad. We can recommend Front Page as it’s the one we are using, but any other will do.

How do you do it?

aspdateSame like with the HTML, ASP has tags in it. For example, the date tag we mentioned earlier would be “<%=Date%>”. This is called a script. Scripts can be client or server side. Client side scripts are processed inside the browser, and example of that would be javaScript or the VBscript. Server side scripts are processed on the server first and then the result is sent to the browser.

So does all this sound hard? If it does, don’t worry, it really is not that complicated and when you start learning and discovering new tricks you will see just how fun and creative it can get!

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