Many of our customers require custom keypads that must survive harsh conditions in the toughest

of environments. And by utilizing some of our proprietary technologies and designs, our keypads can be built to last two million cycles and beyond. CSI Keyboards utilizes copper flex circuity and proprietary designs such as the Seal Frame and Life Extending Cushion to ensure your keypad is able to withstand and perform in extreme environments. Designed to evenly distribute light from top or side firing LEDs, providing bright, uniformed illumination. It also reduces the amount of LEDs needed, saving power consumption.

Optically clear adhesives are used to bond display components to improve contrast and brightness, offering optical, mechanical, and electrical performance benefits. Our team of engineers and designers can provide unique innovation to your process. Our expertise in human – machine interaction can supply your application with the ease of use required to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If the face of your device needs to be viewable in direct sunlight or bright light, BTI engineers can help to choose the right materials for your application. Gently laminate the switch starting from the side with the removed adhesive liner, using a soft roller, apply slight pressure as rolled across the top surface of the switch. Perimeter frame of adhesive that protects your circuitry from any moisture ingress.

Membrane panel

These switches are ideal for applications where the membrane switch may be subject to hard use or abuse due to harsh work environments. Award winningmembrane keypad, showing embossed buttons, and a small Black transparently tinted display window. Bright, vivid colours and perfect print registration were achieved by reverse screen printing onto a clear hard coated polyester film. In a non-tactile switch, there is no physical response that indicates the button has been pressed. Instead, it’s usually indicated through lights, sound, or a reading on the instrument display.

A membrane keypad is an addition of thin layers of printed plastic and adhesive layers. This structure of layers may vary in each project; it depends on the application and requested features. Formed in May 1995, The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd supply innovative and custom HMI solutions into a diverse range of market sectors. We take pride in manufacturing and supplying bespoke products which meet our customers exact technical, functional and ergonomic needs. Manufacture of Membrane keyboards, silicone rubber keypads, rRubber parts, relative products.

EL uses a printable ink deposit to illuminate the switch and provide a uniformed illumination. 19 keys IP65 dynamic industrial membrane numeric keypad with carbon-on-Gold key switch and lifespan of more than 3 years comprises PCB designed with OMRON switch technology and long lasting switch life. Established in the year 1989, we, Bashyam Graphic Technologies Private Limited, are one of the distinguished names engaged as manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Stickers And Labels.

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